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ALVR thinks I have Vive Wands instead of Touch Controllers

Honored Guest

I've searched for this problem and it affects people with both Virtual Desktop and ALVR, and I'm experiencing it myself.


I know these programs are unsupported by Meta, but there has to be some way to figure out what is going on. 


I've done just about everything that I've found in other threads that have listed this issue, but no success so far. 


When I installed the oculus software before, and then ran steamVR on top of that, everything worked fine, but I would rather skip the oculus software if I can in order to get better performance.


Has anyone fixed this problem by installing the Oculus ADB driver?

Has anyone fixed this problem by changing what the text strings are in the headset section in ALVR?

Would steamVR be able to show me what isn't being loaded correctly?