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I open up airlink to play a game on there. I open it up, its not playing on my vr INSTEAD its playing on my TRASH vive pro and I dont want that. So i close out the game, AND IT WILL NOT CLOSE OUT. It is closed out it is not running on my pc AT ALL. All I see it the loading sign on it and the quit app button. I am spamming the quit app button. I try to play another game on the airlink and it says "Multiple apps running". I hit close and it does absolutely nothing.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello LastWeeksTrash, we noticed your issue and understand how disappointing this can be. We need to gather a little information. Are you using airlink on an Oculus device or is the issue only occurring on you Vive Pro?


We look forward to hearing from you.


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I fixed it myself, but I have another issue with airlink. I open up the oculus thing to connect my headset with airlink. I go to the devices to set it up, BUT it tells me to go to settings in one part and turn on airlink and i literally did and it won't let me continue. I also go to the airlink think in vr and i see my pc on there, i hit it then hit pair, and it does actually nothing. I can back out and still click on it and hit pair every time but still does nothing. And in the oculus app it says something like i have a pending hardware issue which i have no idea how to fix and what it is. I have so many issues with this airlink thing, about to buy every single game i had on airlink in the oculus store in vr.