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Alder Lake & Quest 2 FIX NEEDED

Honored Guest

The oculus software for the quest 2 Paired with the newer Alder lake CPus Is struggling.


The program (oculus) seems to not know what to do, it is being thrown around From E-core to P-core and so on.

I have all the latest Drivers installed for everything.


The problem I was Having where random crashes and predictable ones each time I connected the quest via link cable to the computer. I Have Formatted the quest 2 thinking it had the problem.. Reinstalled all Nvidia drivers and pretty much fresh installed everything.


(This worked for me) *Temporary fix*

I know how to fix this issue for now and it is to disable the E-cores. Which is dumb to downgrade my components for the likes of oculus's software to work correctly.


I don't know who to blame Windows, Oculus for compatibility. or even intel.



I am running Win10



Honored Guest

Win 10 have no clue what to do with the E-Cores.

Meanwhile Win 11 knows how to use them. 

Alder lake = Win 11

Just pretty stupid that meta(oculus) is not supporting it yet