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Anyone else not receiving their Quest 2 headset?


Anyone not receive the headset they ordered? Mine is still estimated to arrive August 4th, but hasn't even been shipped. I received the Elite Strap that was in the same order, so I'm wondering if there's a holdup with the Quest 2 headset specifically.


Have you had a similar problem? I've read that there was a holdup on replacement headsets earlier this year, and customer service was a bad experience for the folks who voiced their complaints.


Did you contact customer service, and did they give you any genuinely helpful updates?


Please let me know if, and how, you resolved your problem! I hope it might help me, and hopefully others.



No follow-up from Oculus support, neither here on the forums nor via email.


Despite the lack of communication, I did receive an automated email informing me that the headset was shipping. Got it on schedule yesterday, and I'm still testing it out.


What an awful ride. I'm hoping for a lot of fun with my new (refurbished) Quest 2!