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Apple Keyboard / Bluetooth Pairing Issue - Black Screen

Level 4



Seeing the latest v37 release I wanted to try out using my Apple Keyboard in VR as this is now supported however having an issue and wondered if anyone else has seen this?


Went into settings > Experimental Features > Bluetooth Pairing. Put Apple Keyboard (A1314) into pairing mode and selected this in the list of discovered bluetooth devices. 


At this point, the Quest 2 switches to a black screen (similar to the one when you Power off / restart / accept a USB connection), the 3 loading dots appear but nothing else. This stays like this for around 15 seconds, then reverts back to the VR Home with the bluetooth menu and says it cannot communicate with the keyboard.


I've found that if I press enter on the Apple Keyboard during this black screen it reverts back immediately this time saying I've entered the wrong pairing pin. 


I re-created the same behaviour by trying to pair with my iPhone, again black screen with dots but I don't see the pairing code.


Any help? I've tried rebooting - don't want to reset just yet.





Level 4

Found the fix for this thanks to another post:



Removed virtual desk

Reset experimental settings and was able to try pairing again, this time I could see the pairing code.

Level 2

mine is similar, though not exactly the same


i will successfully see the input code, but it disappears faster than i can type it