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Architects using the oculus go

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HELP! i used to use the 360 ​​photos app to present my virtual reality images on oculus go. All of a sudden the app stopped working in oculus. Somebody PLEASE know another app that me
make it possible to display the images in the oculus? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

hey there renatascherer, thanks for reaching out about your Oculus Go! As it was discontinued, we no longer support Oculus Go through sales or the store. Oculus no longer accepts new Oculus Go apps or app updates into the store as of Dec 4, 2020 so theres a good chance that the app is no longer supported on that device. Currently, we offer support for Rift S and Quest and Quest 2.

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 I have learned about the product lag, so recent! In view of this, it is better not to purchase any of the other 2 models, since they can be discontinued again!



Hello, Do not know if it helps, you could try to use Web Browser in Go to see 360 photos on a web sites (with HTML page using WebVR markup). You could search for examples in the Internet.

Also you could run a web server on almost any device like local PC or smartphone and connect Go to it.