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Asgard's Wrath 2 having stutter and fps drop on Quest3


Im sure some of us are aware of this issue as its evident on youtube videos some people are having this stutter making the game unenjoyable. I also see some people running it very smooth. 

I just want to report to Sanzaru and see if there's a patch that can fix this. I really hope it's not a defective quest 3 because it's 50/50 from what I'd been seeing on youtube with others playing it.

Just seeing if anyone elses having the same issue on here?


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Okay, thank you for letting me know the factory reset did not help.

So that I can flag this issue, can you please provide and answer all of the following for me?

  1. What's the full version number of your headset? (60.0.0.####### or likewise)
    1. Quick Settings > System > Software Update
  2. What version is your Meta Quest app running?
  3. Is your headset enrolled in Quest PTC?
  4. Is it only with Asgard's Wrath 2?
  5. Is it affecting PCVR games as well?
  6. Any potential workarounds anyone may have found?
  7. Link to any other threads or post with this issue?

While you answer this for me, I highly suggest submitting a bug report in the meantime so that the internal team can have this feedback as well.

Once I have more information on this issue, I'll be able to have our internal team look into it for everyone!

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I have not gotten to the desert yet but there have been hitches and small stutters here and there so far.  I am slightly disappointed in the performance so far honestly.  I hope it gets patched to smooth things out on the quest 3 with better texture work.

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Yes, I have this same issue. It happens when riding around on a mount, or opening a chest, or doing anything really. It's not 100% of the time, but it happens frequently. Sutters, fps drops, etc. Not just in the open world but in caves as well sometimes. 

When you shut the Quest 3 off and turn it back on, it seems to help it a bit but then the stutters come back. Maybe it is some sort of memory leak or something in the game. 

I don't think (don't know, but don't think) it's the hardware itself, as literally every other game works very well. My guess is this game in particular has some issues, maybe some sort of memory leak bug or something as I said that causes some people, or all people if you play long enough, to start getting stutters/hitching/fps drops/etc.



Hi Sanzaru and Meta, 

I wish you can look into this issue promptly as it is affecting the experience greatly for a lot of users! I know there will be an Quest 3 optimized version soon but this will really hurt the experience from many users. 

I'd seen a lot of users are running the Quest 3 with lower GPU performance at 500mhz or less while it's supposed to be 599mhz. Seems this issues has been going on for a while and haven't been looked into. 

I actually returned my first Quest 3 because of this issue and seems like my 2nd Quest 3 is doing better. (still some stutter when entering a new area or if it's an intensive fight w/ tons of monsters). I also notice my first Quest 3 did not drain battery while it's charging but this 2nd Quest 3 does drain slowly. Will that be the reason why the first Quest 3 is not draining because it's not running at normal GPU rates while the 2nd Quest 3 is because it's running at higher GPU rates?

All I know is that games like Into the Radius (Quest 3 upgrade), Dungeon's of Eternity (Quest 3 upgrade) and Red Matter 2 (Quest 3 upgrade) all run flawlessly for me. How can all of those run butter smooth with a bad headset? The only game that's having issues is Asgard's Wrath 2, and many others including yourself report bad stutters/fps drops/etc. 

I'm not saying you're wrong, it could be hardware, I'm certainly no technician. It's just in my experience, if everything runs great except for 1 game, it's usually the game. 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! Just passing by to see if this experience is still happening? Currently there is issues downloading apps overall and a few crashes when being on Asgards Wrath 2.  Just want to make sure if any changes were made? 

We are all mad here.

Actually yes - now it seems all of my games are stuttering to a degree. I'm considering getting a replacement at this point. 


I returned my first Quest 3 and now the 2nd is slightly better. But other people I'd seen playing Asgard's wrath 2 has even better performance.


It happens on my quest 3 too, I don't think it is hardware related, probably just software side. I tried to boost the cpu and gpu with quest game optimizer, add some foveated rendering to reduce resources used, it just happens at some point. Not sure if it's some areas but my feeling is it is after some time it start to stutter, maybe a memory leak. I play 72hz , quest 3 graphical improvements active or not do not seem to change anything.

I have read somewhere that being plugged to power could make the quest think it's on charging mode then update some stuff in background, i am not plugged but i have a soundcore vr p10 dongle plugged in usb c for my headphones.

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