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Black Screen in Gorilla Tag after Terms of Service


I have had the same issue for over a month.  I’ve shut down, restarted, deleted, reinstalled etc, all to no avail.  I contacted the App developer and never got a response. When you launch the game you have to accept the terms of service.  After you do that the screen goes black. The game is still running but you can see anything.  There is sound and you can hear yourself moving around.  Always requires acceptance of service terms and then black screen. Please help….  My gorilla tag tickets from Another Axiom are 11653 and 13668.


Hey @zorthage! If you're still running into the black screen issue on Gorilla Tag after the steps posted in the marked solution, it might be best to contact the developers directly. The steps listed in the marked solution are instructions from the developer, but it's possible they may have additional steps to recommend for fixing the app specific issue.

Hope this helps!

Technology, at a certain level of sophistication, is indistinguishable from magic. - some wise guy or something probably

How do i do it without losing my cosmetics

I tried resetting my game and nothing worked. Now I just lost everything and can't get anything back.

no, cosmetics are stored on playfab servers

you wont lose them

you dont lose anything, cosmetics and shiny rocks are stored on playfab servers

thanks so much, i was kinda worried. now do you know how to get the game to actually load? i've done everything multiple times except for factory resetting because i'm worried about losing my other games. do you need to pay for those again if you factory reset, or is there another way?

i tried loading gtag and its loaded and its on a black screen. any advice?


i dont know how to solve it yet 😞

I factory reset my headset an clear app data did not work

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