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Black screen issue with my Oculus Gear Vr

Level 2

 I have been trying to solve this since months now. I am fed up of this black screen that wont open at all with just a cross sign at bottom. Help me or i reach Customer Courts.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there,


While we don't provide technical support for the Gear VR anymore, Samsung can! Here's a link to their VR support page. Maybe give them a ring and see what they say?



Level 5

some people had same issue and fixed it try search for and gear vr 

NO solutions for us then.


Level 5

did u try cleaning the ports with toothbrush? i saw someone mentioning black screen and after he did clean the ports everything was working again as normal or try the phone put in vr developer mode and run a vr game without the headset and u will see if the problem is software related or hardware related right away ,,,