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Brand new Quest 2 graphics issue

Level 2


I would like to preface this post by saying I am new to VR and fairly inexperienced with tech and computers in general.

I purchased a new Quest 2 yesterday and upon set up, found everything to run smoothly, with clear and smooth visuals.

I then left the headset to charge fully after seeing a low battery prompt.

After a few hours playing Creed: Rise to Glory with no issues to test the headset, I turned it off and put it back on charge once I saw the low battery prompt.


However, upon turning the Quest 2 back on I noticed a prominent wavy effect on almost everything in view. Image quality and resolution are not effected; it is not so much blur, but it is as if everything in view is vibrating or has a pixelated wavy effect, including apps, games and the guardian grid. It looks almost like viewing things through a heat haze. This causes static objects tomove slightly and distant objects to distort.


Are there any members who could offer insight and potentially a fix for this issue as it is prominent enough to distract from gameplay and everyday use.




Level 2

I'm having the exact same issue. I think it's an ailising issue. Where objects appears wavey and jagged on the edges. I received my Q2 two weeks ago and having the same problem. Have you managed to sort it out or is this standard on q2? Not many posts talk about this issue so think might be faulty headset...

Level 7

You didn't say what you've done to troubleshoot. Have you tried a factory reset?.

I did do a factory reset. I also double checked my IPD settings and ensured the lenses are clean. However still experiencing this issue. I'm assuming this is not normal as you haven't experienced this on your headset?

No. I haven't heard of this before either.

Level 3

I'm experiencing the same thing. It seems to be a weird rendering issue. I don't see the need for it to be that way either. Everything off in the distance looks like it's being distorted in a mirage or raising heat haze. I've tried upping the resolution etc in developer mode and nothing clears it. It feels like it's intentional?

Level 2

I have the same issue. Like on the load virtual environment the box for all the menus is wavy around the edges. Then the trees and furniture looks like it is in a heat wave like when the asphalt is really hot. 

Did you solve the problem ?



Did you solved ?

Level 2

Our set also has this issue but it's only noticable in certain games that need alot of rendering I guess. Green hell and premium bowling (depending on color or background). It looks as if there is a faintly invisible square on the screen with intersecting squares in each corner all of which has rendered images on it but looks pixelated and jagged and almost like there is this waviness look but only around the edges. Everything is adjusted correctly and this is in standalone. I think maybe it's just supposed to be like that. But I'm not sure.