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Bug Report TWD Saints and Sinners will freeze in The Trial mode

Honored Guest

This may or may not be related to the device overheating, but was hoping there's a patch or uncaught math error that may be fixable.   Playing from the stairs in the nearest house to the crafting tables (The Trial, Memorial Lane, Basic Difficulty) if you throw a nail bomb at several walkers the game will randomly freeze animation/progress and be unrecoverable despite the head tracking still working.  In fact, if you look at the video, it seems to duplicate an inverted version of the forward view on the opposite side of frozen scene (weird matrix math that glitches the rendering engine?)


Standing under a ceiling fan on high and/or pausing the game for a minute or two between waves seems to keep the device cool enough to decrease the likelihood of the freezing behavior.   


Can this be resolved with a patch or is overheating inevitable without the cool down attempts described above? 


TWD Saints and Sinners Glitch Video