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Can I Watch 360 Videos from USB?

Honored Guest

I want to get a Quest 2 for 360 video watching while on a stationary bike. I see some YouTube tutorials mentioning how, but then I see some posts mentioning Quest 2 doesn't support USB without a complicated workaround. Don't know which is current.


I live in the middle of nowhere so my WiFi is not fast. I don't want to watch 360 videos on some YouTube app in 480p. I plan to download the videos in high quality so I can watch them clearly while exercising. I don't want to constantly transfer cycling videos back and forth into my Quest 2 if I don't have to. Would be a lot easier to keep all of my cycling videos on drives that I can keep by my exercise bike.


Am I able to watch them from a USB-C to USB adapter with a flash/thumb drive or possibly a USB-C to microSD adapter since I have a spare 1 TB microSD card. I read somewhere the drive will have to be formatted to FAT32 (if USB drives can still be used). If so, is there a maximum file size thumb drive/microSD card the Quest 2 can handle? 


If anyone does this, are there any latency issues while rotating your head while reading the file from a USB drive?


This goes for any 360 videos I download from YouTube, but mostly going to be used for cycling. Thank you.