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Can I use unsupported with the quest 2

Level 2

I want to buy a quest 2, and my gpu is not supported. I've had a vr before and all the games ran great with my gtx 1650. I'd like to know if I can use my pc to play games or not? thx


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! 


Quest 2 was built to be a standalone gaming device with the option to have PC gameplay. If your GPU is not yet supported, you can still have fun just using the device as is. Should you ever have any further questions, please come chat with us or submit a support ticket to us at:

Level 7

Quest doesn't play PC VR games like a standard HMD does. There is no transfer of video signal, it encodes the video and transfers over USB to be decoded. Problem with GTX 1650 is the Volta encoder is subpar for VR encoding