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Can rift autodetect 2 playzones?

Honored Guest
I plan to set up 2 play zone for one oculus rift, downstairs I have 2 sensors set up for the full motion gaming connected to a laptop. The same laptop and rift I plan to carry upstairs where my flight simulator is set up with one sensor I plan to buy since I just use the vr headset for that one, if I connect that third sensor in upstairs will it work or would I have to rerun the setup process all over again every time I switch areas?

Heroic Explorer
Not sure if this will help.  I have Three sensors for my desktop and when I fly in x plane I unplug one for my pedals
and when I'm not flying I unplug my pedals and plug in my sensor and everything works fine.  I do not have 2 play zones but you could try it I should not hurt anything.

Honored Guest
I can see if your case it will work because the sensor positions are still the same so if one is unplugged or whatever it’s ok, basically If im shifting to a new location and only recognize one sensor upstairs so before I make that purchase for that third sensor, I want to know if it will work that way?