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Can't activate Oculus Go after factory reset

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Fired up my old Oculus Go the other day, after not using it for a long time.  I know it now requires meta account, so I created one before I switched it on.  Suprisingly the Oculus go worked straight away and I could use aps without the need to link with meta account or whatever, but once internet was activated I was stuck in a loop of 3 white dots on black screen.

Did a factory reset as oculus go app/account is not accessable anymore, but it still asks on boot up post reset to login on phone to oculus account (which doesn't exist anymore)

Any ideas on how to get it to work, or should I just bin the brick?  I know if I buy another VR device it won't be a meta one.


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He’a stuck in a loop.. he just told you.

That’s the only ‘experience, wonder and fun he’ll have now’. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Anonymous! Thank you for taking the time to share your issues regarding your Oculus Go device. The Oculus Go was an important stepping stone in the lifecycle of not only Oculus but VR as a whole. It brought to life a new world for millions of people, and introduced them to what VR was, and could be. We would like to thank you for being an early adopter of this new reality, and for taking this journey with us for so long. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and our focus has since shifted to ensure that we can keep focusing on pushing what is possible in VR. While support for the Oculus Go has ended, we hope you can still find plenty of experiences, wonder and fun with the apps that continue to thrive on the Oculus Go, and hope to continue to see you in the Metaverse. Have a legendary rest of your day!

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He’a stuck in a loop.. he just told you.

That’s the only ‘experience, wonder and fun he’ll have now’. 

Not applicable

That's not entirely true AlmightyFalcon, I did have some fun smashing into the unit with my strongest screwdriver.

It's going to electrics recycling now, so no need for further replies.  Salvaged the lead, strap, controller to give away etc nowt much inside the unit, a tin front panel, few small micro chips and layers of plastic.  Only used it around 10 times, so not great value, little Occy I hardly knew thee.

I will cancel my meta account too if I can as i'm never gonna need it.  Thanks for responses, tho the first one maybe an AI bot 🙂


Well, actually, the Ocukus Go devices still work. You can always create a new account of your old one doesn't exist anymore. Unfortunately, Meta has a problem authenticating the paid apps, but there are solutions on the internet. Just google what you can do with Oculus Go / Gear VR (they are the same) in 2024 and you will see that not all is lost.

Question on this... 
If it is no longer supported by Meta, why are you still selling products/DLC thru your site for the Go?
Yesterday, I was able to buy another table for PinballFX2 on my Go thru Meta...
Why are you selling things for a product you know you don't support?
Doesn't that seem kind of odd?

Hey there, @desiv! While support for the Go platform has ended, the devices themselves have not been disabled, and many of them are still able to play games just fine. It is up to the developers of each game whether or not to continue selling in-game content for the platform, and up to each player to decide to purchase that content or not given the age of the device.


We hope this addresses all of the concerns you had today. Please let us know if there is anything else we can look into for you.

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Except for that Entitlement Check issue that has disabled almost all of the apps for almost all users.

Apparently you aren't familiar with that?

I would think that based on that issue, your statement here "many of them are still able to play games just fine" is no longer accurate.

Some of us are able to play many games just fine, because there are ways out there that I am sure Meta isn't supportive of which allow us to keep playing those games.

But the failed Entitlement Check has rendered many of these games unplayable for the majority of owners.

I am not saying it is wrong per se.  It is an older product, I get that. 
But the fact that Meta was (and still is) selling games/apps/DLC that were about to stop working (and are currently not working for the majority) just seems kind of odd...
Look, I love the Go.

I love my Quest 2.

But I think the way this Entitlement Check thing has been handled is just awkward...
(And don't get me started on the fact that Meta apparently actively broke the Virtual Environments with the last update and that never got fixed.  There is a thread about here, and the response is the same.  Yes it's broken, and this device is no longer supported.  Thanx for enjoying our first headset.  Even tho it was our update that broke it and luckily not a lot of people really noticed as the active Virtual Environment still worked; you just can't choose a new one, if you reset your headset it won't work, and if you accidentally choose to relaunch the tutorial, it will break it...)
The fact is, I don't expect Meta to fix these issues after all this time.
But I do think it's weird that Meta is still selling product for this thru their system knowing the state of the device...
Just a weird way to treat your loyal customers...

@MetaQuestSupport How can you even say this, when you have been pointed clearly to the facts:

* META has broken the entitlement -> every game with entitlement is now officially broken / non-functional
* META doesn`t allow developers to update anything, so it can`t be fixed on the developers end.. we contacted them
* META promised us we would be able to keep using the device, without updates ofcourse.. so offline use isn`t even possible anymore.
* META allows us to turn on the device, yes... and then we can`t use the apps..

This would make a fine SNL-sketch, wouldn`t it?
*META shouldn`t start selling cars: "Yeah, we dropped the regular support for this fine piece of machinery. Well, she starts up just fine, but we removed the ECU mappings which you need to drive this beauty, but that`s up to the developers to solve.. ohh, did we mention they can`t acces the ECU, because we prohibited that? Right, hope you are enjoying this wonderful experience and we would love to see you again at our dealership!"


I actually had several support tickets made through your private messaging. In the end the problem was marked as 'solved' and thing were 'passed through' to your tech department... Is there actually ANY intention of helping us, besides commenting on how this isn`t one META`s end?

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