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Can't connect to Oculus app after V39


Title says all. I've been trying to edit settings only available through the Oculus App (phone) and my device shows up as ''not found''. Funnily enough I can still cast to the oculus app and other niche features work but cannot connect to edit any settings since.


I have tried

-rebooting both phone and headset

-turned on/off wifi/bluetooth

-repairing headset (I get an error when it's trying to find the headset)

-using Oculus Developer Hub (Was going to work around and edit settings from PC but same pairing issue happened)


I've exhausted all my options and honestly just on the verge of giving up the headset, this update literally broke everything I cannot believe some issues that were in beta are still present in the full release.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We really appreciate you telling us all the troubleshooting you've done. It really helps us narrow down what we need to do, and it looks like you haven't performed a factory reset, so if you could, please go ahead and perform one. A factory reset wipes everything off your device and returns it to the software state that it was in when you first took it out of the box. Once you do a factory reset, please go ahead and try to connect your headset to your phone. Thanks! We hope this information helps. 

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