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Can’t exit beta version in Gorilla tag.

Level 2

My son got the summer update for gorilla tag. Then he loaded a beta version of the same game. Now it seams like we don’t get updates. We are getting an error message saying that we don’t have the latest version, please update… But when go to the app and check the version, we are not able to change it. So we are not able to play live with other players. What can we do to update the version? 


Accepted Solutions

@Icke1807 Glad to hear it just needed an update! 


For anyone else running into this issue, please be sure you have the latest headset and app versions for the app you're having issues with and that should do the trick. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We would love to help you with this update issue. We would like to first recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Gorilla Tag application. Let us know how this works for you!

Hi. That is just what we did, and it works very well! We were a bit worried that we would loose items or shiny rocks, but it’s all there after reinstalling. 
Thanks for your support!

The Oculus Quest 2 warned us that we would lose all our progress if we were to uninstall and reinstall.  Will all the items and shiny rocks return if we uninstall and reinstall despite the warning?

Hey again! While we don't believe you will lose your in app purchases from uninstalling and reinstalling the game, we would strongly encourage that you enable the Cloud Backup as a safeguard just in case. Please let us know if the uninstall and reinstall fixes the issue!

Ok, how do we enable cloud backup?

Hi again! We have a super helpful support article that gives instructions on how to enable the Cloud Backup:

Hey! I am still

in the beta and is not able to play with other people i have uninstalled  and reinstalled the game multiple times but it wont work, what do i do now?

It didn't work I cannot reinstall it

Hi! We are having the same issue but we’ve uninstalled and reinstalled many times and it’s still saying the same error code! Is there anything else that we can do?