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Can't remove synced media from Oculus app. Already deleted from headset.

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Hi.  I manually transferred a TV episode to the Movies folder of the Quest 2.  I watched it, then deleted it using the headset interface to remove it.  I guess in the meantime the episode got cloud synced to the Oculus app, and now it still shows up in the Synced Media section, with no obvious way to delete it.  How do I remove it from the Synced Media section of the Oculus App?!?

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The only way to fix this is to have the original file you added to the headset. If you deleted it then you're hosed. 

1) add original file back to headset

2) hit Unsync from inside the headset options. TURN THAT OFF

3) Do this for any and every file you see on your app. Remember if you don't have the original file you are hosed.

4) don't add any other file to the headset until you've turned off the sync option. It is set for default for whatever reason. Once you have confirmed that sync is off you go back to adding whatever you want to the headset and it not syncing to the app.

Again.......if you add any file to that headset BEFORE turning off the sync you will see said file in the app so be careful lol

To find the Sync option:

1) Open the Files app.

2) Click the 3 dots and hit Unsync on each file you put back onto the headset.

3) When it's unsynced you can then delete it from the headset and you can confirm it also in the app. 

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I resolved my issue by returning my quest to Best Buy and deleting the app...  It turns out, it wasn't worth a family member finding some 3d photography of my sister in law. 🤣

and that is the complain we all have, that it's not possible to delete it from the app. I can also confirm what others has noticed, not even the 14 days works in all cases. I did try to reproduce the fault. and managed on the first try. Sync was off to start with then I followed the manual sync steps on individual files from this page:

But here is were it gets odd. while doing that it right away activated sync for ALL files. But I switch it off within perhaps 30s. Now I switch off the sync and deleted the file. I don't know the exact time but a few months later the file was still visible in the app. The interesting thing now is that those files that appear hanging in the system, you can't download them to the phone. If you press the download button you get an error right away.


hahaha, that made my day 🤣🤣🤣

This post might make me banned, but I honestly don't give a **bleep**. Meta is beyond f-up. They have issues that invade their customers privacy but they decided that short term profits are better then a long time customer base. They know their customers wants to be able to delete files but refuses to implement such a change as they use the pictures and videos to being able to customized their ads. and ads is their main source of income.

What I think is disturbing is that WhatsApp seems to be monitored. Have you ever had a discussion in WhatsApp and then a few hours later notice an Add in FB that is spot on what you just discussed. Coincident perhaps, but to me it have happen on multiple occasion.

and what about this:

Scary indeed!

The only reason I still use the Oculus is that there has not been many good alternatives. But they are coming. Have a look at this one:

This might be my last post with this user name, but if I get banned, I can tell you one thing, I will do a schwarzenegger and be back with a different user name...


The videos were taken with the screen recording using the Quest 3, so the file name is different than the name of the file when you download it from the Quest app. I put them back on my headset but it just thinks they're some new files. I can recreate the filename except the last 6 digits which seems to be a date/timestamp blended in the file name.

So have some of the files have deleted after 14 days for yall and some don't? Or none of the broken ones will ever delete?

After the file stops being able to download, does it also prevent you from opening it on the quest app like a broken placeholder after awhile? Or can you still access and view it from the cloud?

I don't follow what you mean. To be able to download the picture you first need to open it in the app. It's when pressing the download icon I immediately got the error.

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Can I download from the app and try it? And how you do It in detail?

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I really need an update to the meta quest app that allows users to delete synced screenshots to the gallery. These screenshots are deleted in the quest 2 gallery but the app cannot remove them. I desperately need the option of deleting screenshots from the gallery.