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Cannot add Instagram OR Facebook account to Meta account center



In my meta account center when I go to and try to add my Instagram account I keep getting the error "Something went wrong you can try again later or use another account". So I tried again with another Instagram account and got the same error. Then I tried again with a Facebook account and got the same error.

I tried several times throughout the day and received this same error. I'm not sure what to do. I am using Meta Spark Studio and I am attempting to publish a camera effect to Instagram. To do this I need to link my Instagram account but adding an account this way doesn't seem to be working. Is this a problem only on my end or is this a bug with the account center?

If anyone has had this problem, or if anyone has a solution to this please let me know I would really appreciate it!


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support


Hey guys! I've seen other users on the forums mention not being able to link their Facebook and Instagram accounts to their Meta account. Even though we focus on VR-related issues, I'd be happy to reach out to our engineers so that we can see if there is anything we can do for this issue. Once they get back to me with more info, I'll let you all know what they've said. In the meantime, it looks like you're all trying to link through the app. Do you also have problems linking your accounts through the webpage?

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I wanted to share with you the solution to the authentication issue I was facing when trying to log in through Facebook and Instagram on the Oculus app for Windows, despite having my accounts linked with Meta.

The core of the problem lay in the Meta Horizon ecosystem, where multiple accounts can exist, allowing for cross-authentication with Facebook, Instagram, and the Oculus Meta app for both PC and mobile. These accounts are interconnected in a way that allows for a unified email and phone number setting across Meta, Facebook, and Instagram. However, it turned out that just adding an email for Meta wasn't enough; it had to be verified as well.

In my case, I had a common email set for Meta, Instagram, and Facebook. I removed an old, unnecessary email, but the issue persisted because the email designated for Meta had not been confirmed. It was listed as the contact email for both Facebook and Instagram, as well as Meta, but with a catch: logging into Meta without using Facebook or Instagram authentication prompted me to create a new Meta profile, leading to the creation of a separate account that did not sync with my existing Meta Horizon profile.

This resulted in a conflict, as the same email was associated with both my primary account (accessible through Facebook or Instagram) and a new, direct Meta login, creating two distinct accounts under the same email.

After realizing this, I accessed Meta Horizon through Facebook, removed the conflicting email from the Meta settings, and added a different email for Meta. Once the new email was verified, I was able to set a new password for Meta without any errors, and finally, the authentication through Facebook and Instagram started working correctly.

It's surprising that support couldn't identify these potential profile conflicts, especially since I provided evidence of the account linkage, including email documentation and videos.

I hope this detailed explanation helps anyone who might be facing similar issues. It's crucial to ensure that your emails are not only added but also verified within the Meta ecosystem to avoid such conflicts.

Best regards, Yuriy

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The constant bugs and authentication flaws within Meta, as well as the profile synchronization issues, have truly exhausted me. Meta's support and services are dreadful. They integrated Facebook, Instagram, and Meta for a unified authentication system, but the synchronization is horrendous. I wanted to have the same email for both Facebook and Instagram, but then error messages started popping up. Just an error and that's it. It said, "Try again later..." I figured out I should unlink the accounts, change the email for Instagram separately, and then re-link Facebook and Instagram...   Gods, why is everything so buggy? Who designed this mess? Now, the most interesting part is that I can't log into Meta, neither through Facebook nor Instagram. Through Facebook, it just says "error" in tiny text, practically sending me away. Through Instagram, it's the same but with more text. This happens both on the Android app and the Windows app. I thought, let's set up a separate password for Meta to log in directly, but no, another error... Now I can't access my account in the headset, where I just bought Virtual Desktop yesterday.

I was locked out of my Facebook page. Was sent to a phone number that no one I know has, and then to photo copy my drivers license About 50 attempts to load it failed and  I had to open another account. It works, but all my friends will not open the new account of mine for the fear of it being a hacker after their information. I am about 6 months into not being able to access the original account and still getting notices of items I had for sale that I sold, and Items that I canceled a long time ago. Now on my current page it has my sign in at the top and then pops up a box in the middle of the screen asking me to open my account with another copy of my log in info.

Every single time i try to link my instagram profile it just says "try again later" I want to make meta Spark Filters! But I Just Can't Link My Insta Or facebook to meta! 

cant add.pngCnt.png

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @symbolicsam ! We appreciate you stopping by. We know how tricky it can be to link accounts, and we want to do what we can to help. At times, this can be a temporary server issue. We would like to ask if you are still experiencing this issue. If so, we would like to invite you to our support center. This can be done by simply clicking here. Once you're there, we can look into the potential issue further! Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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If anyone else is also having issues linking a facebook or Instagram account to meta account center please let me know!

Hi, I am still having issues with linking the account. It seems like a few other users on this forum are also facing issues linking their accounts. I first had this issue on Saturday, tried again a few times on Sunday, and have tried again today, but still getting the same error message.

The support center you linked me to does not have an option to chat with someone and open a ticket about this type of issue. There is only a FAQ for this issue which is not very helpful in this specific case.

Please keep me posted if a fix becomes available!
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I've also been facing this issue for a few days trying to make meta spark filters! So far, have gotten no help. 

😮 I can't believe I've never heard about Meta Spark filters until now! After doing some research, I can see why you'd wanna try it out, since it looks super cool!! 😁 I'm not 100% sure why you'd be having troubles linking your accounts in the Accounts Center, but I can recommend a couple troubleshooting options. First, try linking the accounts from another browser or device, just to see if you're able to complete the process. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest clearing your browser cache and trying again from another network.


Please let me know if this helps at all!

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Hey, Thank you for you responds, i have just tried this. Still sadly doesnt work