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Casting/Livestreaming error. Because a new stream, cast, or capture was started.

Honored Guest
Anytime I try to cast to my phone or computer I continue to get this error: "Casting/Livestreaming error. Because a new stream, cast, or capture was started."


I did not have this issue back in May (the last time I cast it). I have tried every solution I can find. I have gone through every thread and article I can find. I have looked through the oculus quest 2 casting known issues and instruction pages the support account posts on everyone else's a similar issue. I'm incredibly frustrated because after reading other people's posts on this issue it's become clear that this issue has been known for almost 2 months and they STILL have not done anything about it and just give the same useless info page. This thing is expensive and now missing a very important feature that makes it much more enjoyable to use with friends. They really need to fix this if they want people to keep playing honestly. If, by some miracle, anyone has found a solution, please share.



I am having the same issue. My niece refuses to play if we can't watch her. It's totally ruined the social aspect of the Quest 2. 


Same .... and yes it makes me f* angry