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Casting from all accounts or multi-admin?


Bought this for my 3 kids. They want separate gamesaves, so 3 accounts needed.


Guess of they were disappointed when only one (the admin) account could share the screen. Extremely boring for the rest, and the "do together thing" lost.


So, how do I either cast from any account or create multiple admins?


Hard to understand why things are like this?


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I am the admin account for the QUEST 2 device and I created a sub account for my son. He wanted to play Beatsaber with his friends and as this game does not support "app sharing", we purchased it under his account so that he could link up and play with his friends under his username. When we as a family also wish to play Beatsaber or other games only under his account, we click on the "Share" arrow on the bottom menu within the Quest 2 interface, while logged into his "non admin" account. 


 From there we can see Air Receiver running on a PC on the same home network or any TV with a chromecast providing they are of course also on the same network. The only thing we have not yet been able to do is to cast to the oculus app on an IPHONE from a non admin account as this only appears to work for the admin, myself. I'm not sure what you mean by a "Pair" code as when I click the "Share" arrow as above, all devices on the home network that can be cast to automatically show up. From there you select the device, click "Cast" and it commences its cast stream.


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I just chatted with support about the same thing. They said it is not possible at this time to do either. Only admins can cast and there can only be one admin paired to the device. We have to voice our feedback in the forums to add these features or get them changed. 


Agreed! It would be nice to have family members be able to have separate accounts and still cast from the additional account so we can watch and be engaged as well!


ThIs is a really disappointment for my 2 kids. Of course they would lika to see  the other on tv-screen while he's playing.

WHY is there a limit like this? Is there ANY reason?

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Agreed, I don't see how they can put you in virtual reality with other avatars but somehow not be able to get your own sub accounts to be on the same TV cast with you?

Yes, do you have any ideas on how to "boost" this topic?

Same thing here! Family of 4 and only one can cast what a stupid limitation 

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Same issue here but worse!

I setup the device on my account initially, so became the owner and bought all the games my kids wanted. It wasn’t until after that that I realized we could have accounts for each of my kids. So I set up their sub accounts, and then BOOM! The games I bought downloaded and worked fine for them, but couldn’t cast. After spending hours on forums, I factory resetted and made my daughter the admin - great now she can cast, but then she couldn’t get the games I had bought! This is absolutely ludicrous! And I hate that my kids have any access to my Facebook account at all … this is why I wanted to change one of my kids to the account owner 


I had a support-chat with Oculus the other day in a onother matter..

I did bring this up however, and I was given a cryptic info that something is in the pipeline.. 

So MAYBE sooner than later we will se some good updates regarding this 🙏

Apparently this has been an issue since the first Quest Im reading. I cannot believe how stupid of rule this is for something that costs so much. This was a gift for my daughter, but I would like to use it occasionally. To not be able to cast from my account is some really stupid $#!+, and it should be explained to the users out the gate. There are hundreds of threads all over the net regarding this issue. SUPER LAME FACEBOOK, but what else is new. If this is an attempt to get people to purchase more than one device, you can take a flying leap. Ill return it and get the PSVR instead.