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Casting to browser: Missing Options & Distorted Audio

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Yesterday, streaming to the Google Chrome web browser is blocked in widescreen mode, with no possibility of switching to 4:3 mode as before today. What's more, the audio quality is suddenly very poor.
I reset my quest 3 and all options were present and back. No more sound problems. I turned off the headset which told me that it would perform an update before extienction and now, I have again the same result (no more choice between 4:3 and 16:9, no more microphone option and a very bad sound quality). This bug is only present on cast to browser, I don't have any problem on chromecast (sound offset but this bug has been present for years now and known on the meta side).
option after reset :

option after shutdown and update :



For an overview of the sound quality, see the video of itsthedon, which also has the same bug: 



Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Could you remedy it, and if so, how?
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Same issue as everyone else describes. I have perfect sound on my headset while playing but the sound coming from the browser stream is cracked. haven't tried stream to FB but I use browser to stream with obs, so at the moment is not an option. 


Still same issue here, mic and audio are mixed so sound is terrible. The browser app is now unusable to stream.

Would like an Official response from Meta with whats going on???

Still same issue and fully up to date. Version

software update system version 49919070062000510

All on 5GHz

Fully reset, twice

250mbs NBN network Signal Streangth Excellent

We tested both versions (V64 and V65 via the public testing channel) and see no difference between them. Meaning that the updated V65 does not fix the problem, the audio while casting to a PC (and mobile etc) is still unusable.


I'm getting a bug that causes Missing Options & Distorted Audio when casting to a browser. Ive been experiencing the bug for 2 weeks when will this be fixed?

Still having the issue however factory reset no longer is a temp fix. As a streamer, this is killing me. 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey again everyone! I just wanted to check in with another reply—separate from the currently pinned comment. If you're still having issues on the current live V65 build, can you post your V65 version number along with the other information requested in the pinned comment? Once I get a bit more information, I'll be able to bring these reports to the team!

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Hello there 🙂
I have a slight issue with

I can cast the sound just fine, but there is no option to also cast the microphone input.

For me i only have 2 options: Volume and Fullscreen, like GamertagVR in his Video:

Timecode 0:50

But it used to look like in this Video:

Timecode: 07:10

You can see there is an options menu, microphone, volume and fullscreen option.

Or better. This is how it should look:


This is how it looks for me:




I have tried different PCs and different chromium based browsers, but i can't cast the microhpone.
The microphone in the quest is not muted and it all works when using air link to stream pcvr to the quest, or when i talk to someone using the quest.


Is anyone able to help? 



Same issue on my Quest 3; settings button no more available (it was until April 16), casting set to 16:9 with no possibility of switching to 4:3 / 1:1  

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