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Computer crashing in VR

Level 2
hello all, I bought a oculus rift S the other day.
had to upgrade my GPU and buy a PCIE usb 3.0 expansion card because my motherboard 3.0 ports didn’t work. Then my pc kept on crashing when starting VR and it happened on other games so replaced my PSU from a 600w to a 750w to better power the gpu (I had it handy) and I can now play some games like superhot but it’s still crashing when I try to play anything else like zero caliber or lone echo.

current specs:
CPU: AMD FX 8350 8 core
GPU: Radeon RX 580
RAM: 16gb
PSU: pulsepower PPS-750BR
OS : windows 10
My pc only crashes now in VR games and not playing anything else. I have a new PSU coming tomorrow to hopefully fix the issue but I’m wondering if you guys have any idea’s? Any help is appreciated. 

Edit: when I say crashing I mean the pc is completely shutting down.