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Level 2

I live in the Netherlands and on the 13 I bought a controller and I did not receive it and on the 21 I received an email that I will get my money back within 7 days and it has now been 9 days, is there a delay I would like to know


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Duncan027! Thank you for reaching out. We understand how important it is that you receive the refund for the controller on time. That being said, we'd love to take a look! 

We just need the order number for reference, so we can check out why the refund has not been processed or what the delay may be. I hope to hear from you soon! 

I got help frome oculus support frome the Netherlands, i thing it going to be fine thx fore the help i like there are good support frome oculus. 

Awesome! That's great news, I'm happy we were able to resolve it. Feel free to reach back out if you have any issues in the future!