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Disable Messenger

Level 2

I do not want Messenger on my Oculus. When I sign out via the gear icon anyone is able to sign right back in with the click of a button. I don't want this feature on this device AT ALL as anyone who uses it is able to read my messages. How can I completely sign out or remove this so I don't have to worry about it?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Thank you for bringing this to the community. We understand how inconveniencing this is to you. Try opening the universal menu, click the settings cog and in the messenger tab there should be an option that says "sign out". Hope this helps. Let us know if it does not. 

KInda feel like you didn't even read my post..
"When I sign out via the gear icon anyone is able to sign right back in with the click of a button"

Hey, we apologize. We definitely over read that part of what you said. A potential way around this would be to create a secondary account for guests to use and you can find out more about that here. From there you can share apps with that account so that they can have access to all the games you have. You can find out more information about that here

Where is that? Here or on the actual Oculus?

I agree with @Joshj516 , I wish I could uninstall Messenger from my Oculus: I use my Oculus to play games not to chat on Messenger. I don't want to my friends and their children receive notifications of my private messages when I am giving my Oculus to them to play games.


That said, at least I would like to sign out of Messenger but I can't find this "messenger tab" @MetaQuestSupport mentioned. In the settings panel I only see: System, Wi-Fi, Guardian, Personalization, Storage, Apps, Notifications, Accounts, Devices, Hands and Controllers, Accessibility, Privacy, Security, Experimental.


Where can I find the option to sing out of Messenger?

People send messages that are inappropriate for kids all the time and my kids use the headset way more than I do. This should be an opt-in feature, not an opt-out. 


Did you ever get it taken off? I can't access messenger tab there isnt one.

This option to “sign out” is not in the settings menu. How do I sign out? Please provide photos. 

Hey there, @mky448! We completely understand that you're trying to log out of Messenger, not to worry, we'll be more than glad to provide you with a great support link here that will allow you to turn off the notification or log out of Messenger. Please keep us updated on how things are doing so that we can determine whether additional assistance is required.