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Do your Rift Lenses Look like This?

I sent this question in a support ticket as well, just in case but wanted to ask our community too. Do your lenses look like this? See the attached pictures.

I took these pictures right after I wiped down the lenses using only the cloth that came with the Rift.  Pictures in this form I know may not be the best way to see what I see but if you maximize them it may reveal to you the detail I'm questioning. Could it be either dust or something on the inside somewhere, or imperfections of the lens itself on the outside? I want to do my due diligence questioning these marks while my Rift is still pretty much in the first month of ownership and verify something is not wrong with them. Perhaps even something I can do to try to clean or wipe them down I'm not aware of.

I'm often conflicted on if I have set configuration for my Rift on my PC (i7 4ghz, 32GB memory, SSD, 1080 Ti) to its best possible in order to keep it from being blurry to the best of its current technology. I know it will not be perfect but always feel like it should just be better.

Needless to say, closely looking at the lens did show something there and I wonder if that contributed to adding to the blurriness I witness in my VR experience. Or they are all like that and that's just how they look. 

I have experimented with the debug tool and the oculus tray to bump up pixels per display which have improved things. 

Thanks for reading.

With respect, can you tell us what you are concerned with in regards the pictures? At first glance they look fine to me.

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The little white spots are unusual, unless they're on the surface. Basically there should be nothing but the fresnel rings and be otherwise clear. Oculus criteria may be different, and the important part is if it disturbs the view.upb40n42rr0v.jpg
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It's very hard to see what that is from a photo. My lenses do not look like that (the white spots) It looks like somethings has been sprayed over them and dried out.

Apologies, I'm not being very helpful. Hopefully someone will see this who can offer some advice.

From Day one, as soon as i removed the protective film from my lenses, I have had a milky patch on both lenses.
Its not on the exposed surface of the lens but appears to be more like an adhesive or something between layers in the lens. Basically , the games graphics appear fine but anything on a black background looks awful and distorted with God Rays. I'm hoping Oculus will one day release a lens kit to replace them with but then again, mine were imperfect right out of the box the first time.


aerodyne said:

With respect, can you tell us what you are concerned with in regards the pictures? At first glance they look fine to me.

Thank you for the responses. @aerodyne my concern is these marks, imperfections, whatever they are exactly, are hindering the visual quality my eyes see in VR. I don't believe there should be these little chip like marks on lenses which may actually be part of another problem we aren't aware. While we strive to configure our systems to show at least the best visuals possible with current technology, (even adding high-end GPUs, Processors, etc to overcome it) the last step of the process that makes it to your eyes shouldn't be a bottleneck to visual quality. 

Also depending on the movement of the headset in front of your eyes I can see the picture distort at certain angles (not all the way at the edges but more so in the centerish area) as if a smudge or adhesive, something, is on the lens. 

Like I said, this came out of the box brand new like this. The lens has only been touched by the cloth wipe that came from Oculus and no one but me has touched it. 

Support asked me to run the compatibility test which I did and asked me to turn on a game, then block the nose sensor in order to see the pictures in a different light. I have attached two of them to this response for your viewing. 



This lenses are definately damaged. You wont be able to "clean" that in any way. The fluted glasses of the fressnels are destroyed. Last pictures shows it clearly.
First i thought about any inclusions or else, .... production process issue.
Then i came about the idea of using a grinding/cutting disc near the glasses, sometimes real glass looks like that with little spots damaging the surface.
But the last pics shows clear, sharply defined damages on the surface. ( since every grinding disc would hurl hot material and the lenses would more melt then damaged that way) 
The question first: are u using glasses ? Be honest.
Second one: what kind of hard and pin pointed object can cause such damage, ...all over the lense, even on the plastic frame u can see some small scratches. ( comparing to the damage of a single tiny flute, the damaging object must be very very pointed )
Destroyed lenses from wearing glasses look more scratched than that, also the damage must caused by a hard/fast contact with the lens.
Said: if u dont use glasses or any other issue could have caused that, it must be delivered like that. But i cant imagine that any lens like that passed QC !?

edit: can u be sure no other is using your rift ?

Oh yeah I can clearly see it in those last pictures. Looks like a production issue with a worn out/dirty mould or something.
 I'm sure support will help you out. That's clearly not a user error.

Good luck.

No one uses it but me. I let one of my kids try it once, but he wasn't that into it, made him feel a little ill. I don't wear glasses, so it came this way. It's more than likely then that this is the reason I can never really achieve a clear enough visual despite my efforts for settings and hardware upgrades.

This will probably end up an RMA. That will hopefully be a positive result to see once I get it back. The tough part is waiting. I've heard these can take weeks from being approved, sent, and returned again to you. 

Well, I sent it back RMA. Shipped it Saturday, got their Wednesday. They're sending me a new headset back. I'm guessing maybe by Thursday of next week I'll have the new one to try out.