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Don't know if it's possible to have a worse onboarding experience to this product.

Honored Guest

 Went to create my avatar, there were about 12-18 'blank' spots in a bluish-green hue with no images; when I went to click on one it would then pop up with a different kind of avatar. No way to just preview all of them (as I believe was intended) and then select one to customize.


Then in the selection/editing process as I was going through a few, must have clicked something that perhaps assigned an avatar to me, and now there seems to be no possible way to change the general composition of the avatar, I can only make customized changes such as outfit, facial hair, etc. And seemingly no way to delete the avatar and start over.


If anyone has any advice on how to 'start over', great, otherwise, not sure what to do other than throw this thing out the window or never use any part of Quest that has an avatar visible because this is not my idea of 'expression.'