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Error Occurred: Generate new device code


I went to play an online game a few days ago, and it kicked me out telling me to go make a meta account. i do all the steps to make on, and then it tells me to go to to put in the code it prompted me with. I put in the code, and it said an error occurred, Generate new device code. Now i tried again a few days later, after that error happening many many times, and now it says the account I'm using does not match my purchases and stuff on my oculus account, saying I'm using a different account, BUT IM NOT. i really need help because I can't play any games.

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When starting from scratch make sure you aren’t connected to wifi when trying to login to the app…after factory resetting the oculus

 cant play online games. please zuckerburg! fix this!

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It will not let me play and it’s telling me to enter a code but when I enter the code it’s always me this account is not is not found

Hey there!


Yeah this seems to be an ongoing issue at the moment. If you're willing, I definitely recommend trying the troubleshooting steps that support as provided and then if that didn't provide anything beneficial, to try and contact support via the link mentioned previously.


This might take some time but I know we got this!

I uninstalled the apps and reinstalled them. My quest wont give me the 5 digit code (just keeps showing the 8 digit code) to link the app with the headset and how I can't factory reset the headset anymore... This was the worst advice possible.

I believe factory reset is you turn the oculus off and then push the volume up and power on at the same time. You will come to the boot screen and then you use the buttons to select the factory reset option. Also uninstall the app when you do this.

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Same thing happening to me, very dumb they are forcing this. Nobody bought this for the meta verse

There was no need to break the software in the first place with your stupid **bleep**ing Meta verse bull**bleep** update. Maybe just don't force your garbage and things will work properly on MY VR headset that I paid for. Don't break my 

**bleep** you corprate drone. Un**bleep**MYhardware


This is not a case-by-case basis at this point. Creating support tickets now is meaningless. There should be a software fix for this. Like, yesterday.

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