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Five minute timeout when watching movie

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It would appear the Go goes to sleep if it doesn't detect any movement for five minutes while watching a movie.  This is annoying.  Also,  how big a problem is screen burn since the movie only occupies a small portion of the screen and the theater graphics is static?

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same problem, please find solution

Honored Visionary
Really ? I've watched a 2 hour movie in bed with my go and laying very still, it does not go to sleep, strange.
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I think I found the "solution". I had the exact same issue and even called support about it and they were clueless.


Long Story Short: I believe that 4 hour timeout setting does not exist, and it is defaulting to 2mins.


When you hook your oculus quest 2 up to your phone (oculus app) via bluetooth, or a computer (pc app) and go to power settings - there is no 4 hour timeout option. The 4 hour option is only available on the Oculus itself - and when you select it on the Oculus, it times out after 2 mins (the default).


It's not a solution, but I am convinced the problem is there is technically no 4 hour timeout setting. Largest timeout timeframe is 15mins. 


After I did a factory reset and still had issues, I simply set the timeout to 15mins via the oculus app on my phone. However, they really need to fix this because 15min timeout is too short for movie watching and some other apps.

Try it and let me know how it works out!

Are you using any particular app(s) to watch or stream your movies? 🍿


I don’t have this particular problem, but like all issues in IT, you must take everything into account as you may be dealing with two or more individual problems that each need a separate solution. Asking the right questions is the only way to arrive there. The most basic of questions would likely be what app you’re using while it’s working for you. I’d say to anyone to simply go from there.


BTW, you’re not afraid of falling asleep and breaking your Go?! I couldn’t risk it, I’d likely fall asleep in it the very first night trying — I guess that’s what accidental damage coverage is for! 😆 


Be well 🙂 

Excellent thoughts and I’d have to agree that you’re likely onto solving a [potentially huge] bug! 👌

The only thing is that I believe the original question was posted in regard to the Oculus Go, but aren’t you answering regarding a Quest 2?


It’s possible that multiple Oculus models suffer from the same bug, however it would need further exploration and clarification. I’m curious now myself! 🤔💭


Be well 🙂