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For Users w/ Black Screen on Rift, Post Logs Here

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If you are still experiencing issues with black screens on Rift, please share your log files here. Usually with this issue, Rift will work the first time after a reboot, and then after removing the headset or going idle for a while, the screen in Rift will become black. Restarting your computer or the Oculus service can sometimes temporarily work around this issue. Some users have also had some success with rolling back their video card drivers (for example, to 388.59 on Nvidia). It would be helpful to know if you installed the latest Fall Creators Update, for Windows 10 users. It would also help to know if you are on Rift Core 2.0 or are still using the classic version. Also please note if you have Guardian enabled or disabled. 

See this thread for how to get your LogGatherer zip file.

Note, the file may be too big to attach to the forum, so you may want to use a hosting service like GoogleDrive, etc.

Your help here will assist us in getting to the bottom of this issue. Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: If you're using an Nvida GPU and are having the black screen issue, it may help to send some files to Nvidia as well. See this thread for details.
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You probably already know cyber. But it´s definately NOT a rift only problem.
Latest windows insider preview seems to take a step towards what @LZoltowski "fast boot" help thread was about.,36577.html

There is probably more to it than this. It´s all so confusing these days for the people who dont have a functioning system. Mine is still working like a charm. Makes its even harder to help out when one haven´t had any issues oneself.
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Rift work the first time after a reboot, and then after removing
the headset or going idle for a while, the screen in Rift will become
black. Restarting your computer
temporarily work around this issue.


Xelso said:

Rift work the first time after a reboot, and then after removing
the headset or going idle for a while, the screen in Rift will become
black. Restarting your computer
temporarily work around this issue.

Have a look at this thread for a possible temporary fix:
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got the problems as described above. Attached my logfile. Would appreciate your help


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Experiencing this problem. 
Have used the Rift with another computer and works fine
Trying on an Asus ROG G752VT
Set up goes perfectly until putting on the headset in the configuration setup
Green lights on USBs and HDMI connection during config

Understanding that the 970m isn't powerful enough to run it great, I'm not able to get any video
Get the Orange light with no video but audio works with Nvidia drivers 390.XX
White light with no video but working audio with Nivida drivers 388.XX   - have tried .43, .59, and .71
With Nvidia drivers 388.XX   and Rift 2.0  it quickly locks up goes into 1 frame per 20 seconds, then locks up completely after a few minutes
With Nvidia drivers 388.XX and non-beta  it freezes every 5-10 seconds for approximately 3 seconds with no video but white light on headset
Despite closing Oculus in this instance - it continues to lag, lower 1/4 of screen flickers, restarting Oculus service and app is not running - computer lags severely. 
Restarting computer fixes this.  Starting Oculus app with 1 sensor and HDMI-Mini Dp adapter plugged in works fine.  Immediately on plugging in Headset it locks up and begins to chug.

Plugged into USB 3.0 slots on right using 'Amazon Basics' HDMI-Mini DP adapter  -  Without adapter it shows only orange light and any settings
Attempted to use USB 3.0 hub with external power no change

Hoping for any assistance,

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Wow, so I came on here looking for a solution to almost _exactly_ this problem, glad it's not just me. this is possibly the first time I've ever had issues since launch.

Using core 2.0 beta, guardian on, windows 10, gtx1080. Was able to get oculus home picture, but trying to launch elite just kept me at loading within oculus home. I could see elite come up on desktop, and head tracking was working, but never got past that point.

Rebooted, was able to get picture, played for an hour or so (elite dangerous), took off headset for a minute, now I'm unable to get picture back. I can hear sound, but no picture again. 

Restarted service, was able to get oculus home picture again, but back to not being able to get elite dangerous to run (same behavior as the very beginning)

cleared service logs and logged from point of launching elite again to black screen in hmd (filename servicelogatlaunch)

Here is my log

I notice it happens when the HMD goes to sleep a bit like Cyberrealty mention, then when you put the headset on the Oculus logo comes up for a split second on the screen, then it goes black. I usually have to completely reboot to fix the issue. I'm on the Core 2.0 beta but I also had this issue on the regular branch.  Sometimes if I go to settings, beta, restart oculus it will work sometimes not, a reboot always works. I have a 1080ti and running the older Nvidia driver from 12/5/17 but it didn't help, none of the older driver recommendations did.

PS. I have guardian enabled.

I am on windows 10 fallcreators update, an overall fresh install. Never had the issue a few weeks ago.

Okay so restarts were not working anymore either today. I could get the Oculus logo then a black screen in the rift, and on both of my monitors. I opted out of the public test channel just now and everyhting appears to be working for now.

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I am having the same issue.
Windows 10 Fall Creator's update is installed, Guardian is enabled (although sometimes it states that it has to be turned off due to an error, usually right before the screen goes black.) Using Rift 2.0 Core. Version 390.77 Drivers for GeForce.

I have attached the log files requested.