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Gear vr

Honored Guest

Hi, i have purchased a new note8 and Vr Set with Controller this week.
I set this up and plugged the phone in to the headset to start downloading the various apps needed, but when it gets to the end of downloading the Samsung VR component I get 'Network Error Occured'. 
I have check all Facebook apps are up to date and Installer and Manager are enabled - I even undid the updates and reinstalled, but nothing just this same error over and over again. (15+  times)
Ive tried on wi-fi and 4g but this makes no difference either. 
Can anyone help?



Hi tauhai.trum.9 the same problem was reported several times. Here is a possible solution. Worked for me using Samsung Galaxy S8+. Please try to remove the saved WIFI networks from your phone settings. Add again / as a new network the same WIFI that you own and work well. If your router is dual band try both switch between networks.

Please come back here and share with us the results. Give it a try with the hope that it will solve your issue.