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Getting Ready to Buy My THIRD Quest 2...Talk Me Out of It

Level 6

So...first Quest 2, currently in RMA hell. Facebook or Meta or whatever stupid name they go by has had it for three weeks with no word on when I should be getting my replacement.


My second Quest 2, which I bought to use while my first Quest gets repaired, just stop tracking my controllers and I can't adjust the lenses anymore. So that's pretty toast. I don't even think I'll bother with an RMA since that seems to be a road to nowhere.


So what do I do now? Buy a third Quest 2 just so that can break as well or move on to some other product? I hate the thought of switching to something that always has to be tethered to a PC, but does it make sense to continue to buy these garbage units only so they can continue to break? 


I've been lucky with mine. I've purchased four in total and all are still running perfectly. You should definitely return the second one if it's faulty so soon after purchase but if you buy a third do not, for any reason, buy it direct from Meta. Use Amazon or any other retailer that has a decent returns policy.

Level 4

Had a Quest 1 for 2 years then upgraded to the Quest 2 which i have also have had now for around the same time and i have to say no issues whatsoever with either unit.

Have to agree with the post above though .. Both mine purchased from Amazon so if there was any issue it goes back to them. 

As someone who repairs controllers and headsets I can say:


40% fail due to liquid ingress, a tiny speck of liquid will corrode contacts (both in headset and controllers)

25% fail due to what I believe to be planned obsolescence i.e. bricked by updates, battery life reduction via software update etc.

25% fail due to user misuse, e.g. dropping, smashing, exposing lenses to light

10% die due to simple hardware faults


I'm not a fan of the brand but there are no other real alternatives in the space the quest sits so I have no interest in defending them, but truly the hardware is pretty solid if well looked after.


They're cheap for what they are, if you enjoy using them nothing better in the mobile area is going to come out soon so go for it and enjoy.  That said we have good protections in the UK with support from both retailers, s.75 liability for credit card providers and a decent and cheap court system if needed so I feel a bit more comfortable about warranties and companies honouring them.