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HDR mode and quest link don't work together.


Anyone else have to disable HDR in windows everytime they use Quest link with a quest 2? If I do not I cannot view desktop and the oculus windows app is greyed out.



Link (including AirLink) doesn't like HDR to be enabled.  The same goes for Steam Link.  So far the only way to connect a Quest to a PC that seems HDR-friendly is Virtual Desktop.

I would like meta to fix this please.

Steam Link works fine for me with HDR enabled on the desktop.

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How does Meta help not know this has been a issue over 3 years. Nothing they say would fix it because it has never been fixed, link has never not blanked the desktop view on oculus link on cable or air if you try to use it and have HDR enabled. Funny enough the Virtual desktop version works fine...

Okay, @Shodan_Cat, @Pandages, and @xvxXxvxXxvx! We really appreciate you letting us know! By the way, we've just recently confirmed with our engineering team that HDR is not a feature that is currently supported by our VR headsets. This is due to HDR requiring FALD or OLED, which the headsets do not currently have. We absolutely recognize how dismaying this news might be, however, we're pretty glad to have been able to get to the bottom of this for you folks! What we can recommend would be to report a bug regarding this issue using the steps listed below! We appreciate any input provided to our engineers! Let's work together to improve the virtual experience for everyone! To report a bug:

  1. Open the Meta Quest mobile app.
  2. Shake your phone until the Report a problem screen appears.
  3. Tap Something Isn't Working.
  4. Follow the instructions to submit your bug report.
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I'm sorry, but you don't understand the problem, and either haven't communicated the problem correctly to the engineering team, or the engineering team does not understand the problem either.

The issue is not that "the Quest 3 doesn't support HDR." Obviously we know that. When Quest 3 is connected to a PC, it is simply encoding the image and sending it to the headset to decode and display (over a USB cable or over wifi, it doesn't matter.) The image simply needs to be encoded with the correct settings to deal with HDR so that an SDR display on the "receiving" end can display it properly. This is how other tools like Steam Link and Virtual Desktop work perfectly fine with a Quest 3 when the PC is in HDR mode.

This is frustrating to the say the least... I shouldn't have to educate tech support or the engineering team at Meta on stuff like this.

Also, to further clarify how this is a bug and not a customer misunderstanding the Quest 3's specifications, if you use one of the Touch controllers to click and drag a window around the desktop (using desktop view in Link), **the desktop view stops flickering completely**.

Hey Shodan_Cat, from what I'm reading here it seems like the best way to get some more eyes on this is to start sending in bug reports. I'll take note of what everyone here is saying and send it up as well. If everyone could keep replying to this thread with your experience and provide as much detail as possible I'd really appreciate it. Thanks everyone

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Coming from a valve index, i cant believe how much pcvr seems to be not important to meta. the hdr thing has been a problem forever, i shouldn't have to use a debug tool to improve my experience. so far if it wasn't for the pancake lenses id be back in my index.


Virtual desktop is the only flawless experience i've had so far, but i shouldn't have to build a special network and buy a third party app to make my purchase feel worth it.

Has this been fixed in the interim? Thanks!

Hey acreed11, If you're still running into this I recommend submitting a bug report as I mentioned in my last post or hitting up support at this link HERE.

"I Have Found That People Lie, Most Often Deceiving Themselves. Not So The Dead. The Dead Are So Very, Very Loud. And Yet, Lying Is Not In Their Nature. It Is So... Humbling, To Listen To The Dead Speak."

@acreed11 wrote:

Has this been fixed in the interim? Thanks!

This so-called HDR issue isn't due to Meta.  This still mostly gpu related.  HDR with nvidia gpu's still cannot handle multi-monitors,  esp with different refresh rates.  Also HDR adds 10-30ms latency so this would not benefit PCVR imho.  Still doesn't stop Reddit Kiddies complaining about this all the time, lol!

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