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HELP Noob here with pairing nonOclus remote controller

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Hi, I got an Oculus Go used at a thrift store and I know nothing about these VR headsets. It didn't come with a remote and I couldn't find a new or used remote anywhere. Is this a thing or something? So I bought a Bluetooth  Fortune Tech controller and gamepad from Amazon for $12.00. So I download the Oculus app on my iPhone and When I;m setting up the headset, I get to paring the Oculus controller "Hold down the Oculus button and the back button" for paring. I can't seem to get past this part because I have different brand of controller. The instructions to the Fortune Tech remote are instructions on connecting to your phones bluetooth, but not anything VR related. There is nothing on this remote that tells me that any of the buttons are paring buttons. The videos I've seen online about this anre videos of your Oculus already setup and adding another controller. Please help. Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello cubsfan2122,


We understand that you are having issues attempting to pair a third-party controller with your Oculus device.


We would advise you to check to see if this third party controller is compatible with the Oculus Go platform.


The amazon Fortune Tech controller is designed for a mobile placed in a VR headset to enjoy a VR video or game.


However, since most Oculus Go games require some form of motion detection, it is possible that this may be the reason the controller is not pairing with the device properly.


Thank you,