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Having trouble connecting Oculus Quest to Oculus Developer Hub


Hey all,


I'm having issues pairing my original Oculus Quest to the Mobile app. When doing the first-time setup, it tries to pair and then just says "unable to connect to your headset." Not sure why, already tried troubleshooting it and no dice.


So what I decided to do is try setting the headset up via ODH (Oculus Developer Hub), It finds the headset via Bluetooth okay, but when I get to the pairing part, it spits out the error: "Please update your headset firmware to the latest version and try again". 


ODH bug.png


The reason this is weird is because I'm fairly certain my headset is up to date (V43), I've even gone as far as to manually sideload V43 onto my quest and it still thinks it's out of date.


Anyone have any ideas how I can get this to work?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we thank you for your continued patience. We understand this is tedious. This is an ongoing issue not intended by design, and our engineers are doing everything they can to work on it.


In the meantime, we recommend you keep an eye out on the forum and our official Twitter page @MetaQuestVr for updates. We hope to have this issue fixed soon.


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What kind of answer is this I have the exact same issue, so we just don’t use our headset until you “figure it out”