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Horizon Workrooms Oculus Remote Desktop Linux support

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Horizon Workrooms is pretty neat, but it's pretty unusable at my company, considering most employees use Linux. I assume the Horizon Workrooms product team is already thinking about this, but I can't find any mention of this on the forum or internet or anything.

For companies that are predominantly Linux (mine is 60+ people), when will the Oculus Remote Desktop feature support Linux? Even if it's more intricate to set up (e.g., you must set up a VNC server or something), it would unlock this for us. For now, ImmersedVR seems like the only Linux supporting option.



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Agreed, would love to see this supported!  On Wayland!

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Community Manager

Hello there, Thank you so much for your feedback. Please go ahead and submit it here! also if you ever experience any problem with your headset please get in contact with Oculus an agent will be happy to assist you with any issue you have in order to get you back to gaming. 

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same issue. 150 users all on ubuntu 20.04
I hope there is a linux versoin in the works

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Steam, I wouldn't go oculus with Linux, go win10-11, I wouldn't go steam with oculus, I'd go apps with Horizons, or arpara, or varjo.




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Same here, engineers and tech in the company working with Linux. And also these are the people, who are the drivers for inovations like VR in companies.

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Same here! 122 people!

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Same here!