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How do we remove uninstalled apps/games from my library?


How can we remove uninstalled apps or games from the library? For example, Beat Saber demo + full version are installed and I want to remove the uninstalled demo.


There are other apps I want to remove that aren't demos.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! Hope all is well today. Thanks for reaching out in regards to removing apps from your library. Currently, apps are not removable. 


However, there is a non installed section. Just hover over an app’s tile in your library and click the three dots in the bottom right corner and you'll see uninstall. This will move the item from the Apps section of your library to the Not Installed section. 


This area hosts all the apps that you have purchased or downloaded previously, but are no longer downloaded and installed on your device.


We hope our assistance was beneficial to you!


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Hmm I see. I'll switch the filters to installed for now. Thanks!


Hey @crazy25000 there's an Idea thread that many people have expressed the same concern as you.


Feel free to add your input to the thread! That way Devs know what features the community wants most.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

There is no solution. Users have been asking for this functionality for years. You can filter your library to installed games, but you have to manually do this every time you view your library! i.e. when you turn on your device AND whenever you exit a game. Im now at the point of considering ditching this headseat+library and going for a different brand that cares about user experience.

Well if at all possible can y’all make it to where we can remove apps from the uninstalled area of the library so the apps I don’t like I can remove and that way when I go searching for a app I’ve saved to install I’m not searching through hundreds of apps that I dont use especially demo apps. I know I’m not the only user who would like that. It just a clutter thing for me even though it doesn’t take up space in memory but some of us like to clean up clutter and remove the apps we don’t like or know we will never install again. 

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I’ve been searching for that too . I’m honestly surprised they don’t have the option to remove app from the uninstalled area of the library. Like especially them demos. I don’t need ‘em 

I didn't know about that, just posted it there too! Thanks for letting me know.

That option doesn't appear on my headset menu. Ridiculous.

Hey there! We see your having issues finding the 3 dots on your screen? 

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