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Huge frustration with account managers/app sharing

Honored Guest

I bought my son an oculus many years ago. He set it up himself and made himself the account manager. I bought him many, many games for it. I recently bought myself an oculus for fitness. However, I had to make myself an account manager because I purchased a subscription to Supernatural. I figured we could share all of the games on his oculus that I BOUGHT, but apparently not. Since we are both account managers, apparently  we cannot share games! I have already bought one game twice so I could have it. This is a flawed system for families. If your child sets himself up as an account manager, you’re basically screwed! I should be able to play these games on my headset- all the purchasing I did was on the same credit card! They can look at it for proof. I want a credit for the games I already bought so I can have them for MY system! The only way we can share is to wipe out my oculus completely and make him manager of the oculus I PAY FOR!! Oh- and also not have my workout! This isn’t right.