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I can't get my oculus Link working

Level 3

Just over a month ago i bought an Oculus quest 2 to play racing games in VR. So far i spend hours and hours trying to get it working and haven't spend a second playing a racing game. Everytime i turn on my headset and PC and press the oculus Link button it will load for a few seconds and then the screen turns black and takes me back to the regular oculus menu. I'm on the edge of selling my headset. Can someone help me out with setting up the link to work? And yes my link cable is of a decent quality.


Please help me out!



Level 3



Hi there, BjornSCH! We're sorry to hear you haven't been able to jump into the world of PCVR racing because of your Link cable not working. We want to help you get to the bottom of this, and the first step would be making sure your PC is compatible.


You can find the table of compatible GPUs in this support article. If you find that your PC is compatible but are still having these issues, we recommend checking for driver updates. You can find the steps to do this here. If you're still in need of assistance after these suggestions, please let us know.

Level 4

Yep "me too" Bought an Oculus Quest 2 about a month ago for sim racing but since being forced (by a quest automatic update) to download Link V41 software I have been unable to race or do anything else on my Quest.


Oculus support are near to useless. That despite me telling them twice I was using the more expensive Oculus Quest Link Fibre USB cable they asked me to check what USB cable I was using then the told me to check for a non existent setting then they just referred me back to my original post on this form for support. Don't really know what to add!!

I have an AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT. I also updated my drivers. Can you help me further?

Thanks for the update! We actually have been seeing that the latest driver update from AMD may cause issues when using Link. Rolling back the driver to 22.5.1 should help! 


Here's how:

  1. Go to the AMD website:
  2. Select your graphics card using the drop-down menu of the product list and click "submit".
  3. On this page, scroll down and select "Previous Drivers".
  4. Here you can select your OS and find the 22.5.1 driver and and download.


Please let us know if this helps, or if you're still having trouble getting Link working!

Hi again! We just want to check back in and see if you were able to roll back your AMD driver to 22.5.1, and if that helped to get Link working again. Let us know if it worked, or if you still need our help!