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Incorrect Timezone on my Oculus Quest 2

Honored Guest

Hello ...


After I performed a factory reset on my Oculus Quest 2/64G, the menu panel displays incorrect Timezone. It is showing UTC time instead of my timezone EST/EDT.


I cannot find anything in the settings to allow setting the timezone. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Ben! The timezone is based on the phone when the Quest 2 is initially setup. You can try and re-sync by opening the Oculus App, going to Devices, then connect to the headset, waiting 5 minutes and rebooting. Otherwise, you will need to factory reset the Quest 2 to change the time zone a second time. Thank you!

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Seriously?!  It's 2021, how about a simple option to adjust the timezone like literally every other app/device has?  Come on Oculus...

I probably can't post a link here, but if you search reddit for "quest 2 timezone", there is a fix.

This is dumb. 

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seriously, no timezone setting?? what??

IKR its so stupid. 

what's their fix?


Sincerely idiotic. This should be in Settings. People travel. People move. People's headsets suddenly change to the year 2036 for absolutely no reason. I just did a factory reset on my headset (highly inconvenient when all I wanted to do was try to get in a workout during my lunch break!) and I'm STILL in the wrong timezone. At least I'm no longer in the future year 2036, though.

So please explain the horrible oversight of this time setting and why it has not been corrected?  It seems to have been a known issue for quite some time.  The headset should at least synch with the phone when connected to the app.  Requiring a factory reset for this is horribly inconvenient and very poor programing.  I would expect better from Facebook for the initial software release, but I'm not able to get an aswer about an expected patch release to correct this either.  So why is this not being corrected?  Guess I'll be using Sideload to correct an issue that poor software engineering caused and management never tried to correct.