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Is it possible to bypass the compatibility check

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My laptop was built a few years ago with, at the time, good hardware. It was a dedicated "School Laptop" that we (the students) were allowed to keep since we paid for them.
It still ticks all the boxes in the oculus compatibility check except one:
It runs on integrated graphics rather than a dedicated graphics card.

First of:
I do have a new PC ordered but it won't arrive within the next weeks.
I'm well aware that Rift would risk running suboptimal or even crash.

How can I bypass the compatibility nonsense message that appears when you try to install the application on your PC.
I have never seen a program behave like this.
Like... It doesn't even let me add the friggin' Rift to my account because I can't get the app to stop whinning about.

Changing reg keys for the Graphics Card Display Name did not work.
What am I missing?

This is not about performance. The rift's display system needs Direct mode implemented by the graphics drivers. AMD and Nvidia have both implemented this for VR.
Intel, who made your integrated graphics, have not added that feature, and without it the rift can not work.

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I do not intend to use the actual Rift, I mostly just want to get used to setting it up and actually adding it to my account, which i cant even though the Library Client shouldn't Need any vr capabilities. It's a seperate Service.