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Is there a way to lock the headset if stolen?

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im really curious if my oculus is stolen and reset will there be a lock like on iPhone where if u reset it will ask for thw owners email n passcode?



Hi @Justakid_lol 🙂

No, after a factory reset the Quest is like just taken out of the box.
It won't ask for a email of the owner because it does not "know" about any previous owner.

Good thing is....after a factory reset, no one has access to your account anymore.....all your games are tied to your account, not to the headset.

If your Quest is stolen or you lose it, you should do a "remote factory reset", so no one have access to your account.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Justakid_lol! We have received your PM, and we'll be reaching out to you soon, so please keep an eye out for that. We hope you have a great rest of the day! 

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But wouldn't it be smart to have it like the apple vision has anti theft so none can steal and use it also why does the quest 2 run Android 4

Hey there, @Justakid_lol! We love this idea! We do not have anything in place now, but this is a great idea for the future. We appreciate all new ideas from existing customers; it helps us make improvements on future devices. We love to hear what our customers want to see on the next device. We want our developers to hear your voice use this link so they can hear your idea.

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You can remotely log yourself out of your headset by going to then "Password & Security" > "Where you're logged in." 

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