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Left controller analog stick drifting

Level 2

I recently got a quest 2 and today is the 4th day of use and out of nowhere while playing trover saves the universe or whatever i noticed he started to stutter while walking up then come to see my left stick started to drift, like, BAD not just to the right but when i try to make a circle it would bounch to right down, right, right up. Blowing into it does not work. I have no idea how it started when it was working just fine last night. I even recorded how it moves in the calibration and its really bad and i don't want to spend 70 bucks on a replacement when i legit JUST GOT IT


Level 2

I tried the blowing air trick as well and it did nothing. It was a hassle but I contacted oculus and they got me to record a video of the problem (showing what it looked like in game).. then they asked me to do a factory reset which was a pain at the time as I lost so my progress Amd had to re download all my games. It should be no problem now that they have cloud back up. After that they just told me to send the controller back and they sent me a new one. My other controller started drifting a few months later and I bought a can of electrical contact cleaning spray. I pushed in on the control stick and sprayed it into the resulting gap while moving the stick all around. Let it dry and it fixed the problem. I didn’t remove the batteries that time but I have had to do this procedure a couple of more times since and I now remove the batteries first (just in case) hope this helps

Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to receive your replacement from the time you provided your video and info to Oculus?  I’m at that point now where oculus is “working with their specialist team to further organize my replacement” but have heard no word back for a few days now.