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Left controller not sent. (insulting oculus reply)


I have been waiting for a replacement controller since April. They have had me on a loop of emails. Today they sent me this. Pretty much 25 dollars store credit. Store credit for a product I cant use and do not know when ill be able to use. This is an insult to the whole situation.

Thanks for reaching back for an update. 
At this point in time, stock has currently depleted for new Quest 2 controllers. There's a global supply chain issue causing delays in replenishing Touch controller stock. That being said, we won't be able to ship out your replacement controller until a later date. I'm terribly sorry for the delays, this isn't the experience we want you to be having.
I'll provide you with some tracking information as soon as the controller ships. You'll also receive an automated email at  containing tracking information when your order ships.
On a side note, as an extension of my appreciation for your continued patience and cooperation throughout this, I've added 2500 JPY to your Oculus account under Mortifer55 in Store credit for you to put towards some new apps as soon as your controller arrives. Hopefully this can make up for at least a tiny bit of the inconvenience caused by these delays. This Store credit will automatically be applied to your next purchase.
You can view your Store credit balance by following the steps.  Note that you'll need to have a valid payment method on the account to make use of the credit.
Let me know if you've got any questions in the meantime and I'll be happy to help you out. Otherwise, you'll hear from me next with an update regarding the stock. Thanks again for your patience Manuel, I know it hasn't been easy. We'll talk soon, take care meanwhile!




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