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Login problems, nobody care...

Level 2

I need help from someone from Facebook team, but support doesn't exist. I have issue with my account more than one month. My phone with 2FA Google Authenticator app was broken and was changed to new one. After reinstall, my facebook account is not connected to new install of G.A... I'm unable to generate acces codes to my FB account and all possible option I see "Confirm from another device". But I'm not logged to facebook on any device. I also tried to send my ID via form, but it doesn't work with red error "Your ID can't be send". I need someone from facebook who disable my current 2FA and reset it to SMS or Mail type. (Because my rescue codes from GA was as the screenshot on that phone too - my fault). Now I can't use my account , where I bouht lot of Oculus games, where I running few advertising campaignes which I can't stop and also I can't stop the payments for the adds. Can you recommend me what can I do please? Thanks a lot. Filip  


Level 15

@Pichu_CZ  At least you got the part right that nobody cares, lol!

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