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Logon Issues

Level 2

Just started my Oculus today, and while it's saying it's online, nothing is accessible - all my apps disappeared, I can't browse the store, I cant 'explore' or browse. IT looks like this problem happened in the past for others, basically the same issue it appears. Help!


Also. secondary note: Ever since the 'update' to the META logo, my Oculus starts off with a black screen. A quick toggle to sleep and back with the power switch makes it visible, but clearly this shouldn't be happening. Something the dev team definitely needs to be aware of. Wasn't happening PRIOR to the META update.  I've just been living with it as an annoyance. The other issue is a game stopper, literally. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey TimelordQ! We hate to hear you've been dealing with some unintended extras from a previous update. However, have you tried Factory resetting by chance? If not, you can also save your game progress with Oculus Cloud, this ensures your game history is saved! Keep us posted!


I'm not interested in losing all my content.


Please provide a better solution.


The issue is one and the same others have experienced here:


And Here:


If you're unable to provide an actual customer friendly solution other than reinstall the operating system, then my Oculus Quest 2 will unfortunately sit idle until you and your team can help resolve an issue that's clearly not a community related issue.

Hey @TimelordQ! We definitely want to help get you back to gaming, and assure you this will not keep you from obtaining your previous game progress, as long as it's supported by Cloud backup. Submit a support ticket here if you've any other questions or concerns, and we'll have an agent happy to help! 

Again, I'm not interested in doing a complete factory restore, it's not my game saves or stuff that's on the cloud that's of concern. it's other content - videos I no longer have access to that I've transferred to the device with the Oculus Link cable which would be blown away by a factory reset. I shouldn't have had to explain this to you - but in any case, a factory restore is NOT an option.


Now. What other options do we have here other than destroying my content to fix your issues?

Or are you going to tell me there's no other way, effectively rendering my Oculus Quest 2 completely useless until you get your act together and come up with a better and more customer friendly solution?


Seeing as this is clearly an Oculus issue (as MANY others have experienced this). Telling the customer to destroy their installation to fix the issue IS NOT customer service. It's a last resort thing most normal people would do.


Please tell me you have another option? Or should I just write off Oculus support altogether, as this isn't the first time you've told me to destroy my installation when I had another issue with the Rift.


That isn't customer service.


What other options do you have?

Hello? I'm not doing a factory reset.


Please provide alternative options.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey TimelordQ! Factory resetting your headset wont get rid of your purchases, they are saved on your account and is the best solution we have for this issue. We understand the concern of losing your library, however your purchases are not gone forever! Please attempt the following steps which may get your games back onto your headset: 

  • Log out of your mobile app
  • Restart your headset 
  • Log back into your mobile app
  • Restart your headset 

As for the black screen on startup, this issue is something that is being looked into and we are looking to have a fix rolled out that will help out soon. Since you're unwilling to complete a factory reset, all we have left to recommend is to keep checking for updates on your headset and keep using the workaround as we work towards rolling out the update. We apologize for the inconvenience, please send us a DM and we can look into making this right! Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.