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[MEGATHREAD - KNOWN ISSUE] App Download/Install Speed


The last couple of days the PC Oculus App is downloading games terribly slow. No it’s not my internet, modem, router or my PC. I am speed testing at 1100mbps and every other download on other apps are downloading normal. This just started recently and was working fine a few days ago. What’s going on META? 

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I am trying to download Population: One on Oculus on PC and it's getting 20Kbs download speed.   Just did a speed test on I have Fiber here... I am getting normal download speed of 980MB/sec and upload of 98 MB/sec.    So why is this software being so poor?  I've been downloading the game for 10 minutes and I have 40 MB downloaded.  This is insane.

I am not sure why you marked this as a solution… This is not a “solution” so please unmark it as a solution. People need to see how little attention this is receiving and you marking it as a solution is a cop out. 

I just wanted to say thankyou to FunkyTanuki / Meta Support for acknowledging the issue.

While the problem does still exist and it remains a point of frustration, it does make a difference having the issue acknowledged rather than feeling as though we're being told the issue is on our end, when clearly it is not.

In case you're still looking for further information for your engineers, I can again confirm that different titles download at different speeds.  For the sake of specificity, I have just attempted four separate downloads (one after the other), with the following results:

Asgard's Wrath (estimated size of full download 86.73 GB):-
attempt #1: ~685 MB downloaded after 5 minutes.
attempt #2: ~671 MB downloaded after 5 minutes.

Robo Recall (estimated size of full download 5.47 GB):-
attempt #1: ~27 MB downloaded after 5 minutes.
attempt #2: ~27 MB downloaded after 5 minutes.

Compare this to the fact that I can download from Steam or GOG at over 85MB per SECOND, even with a throttle in place.

Note, though, that Asgard's Wrath is downloading fairly consistently at 2.26 MB per second (over two separate attempts), while Robo Recall is downloading at precisely 0.09 MB per second over each of my attempts.  Both remain much slower than they should be, but each title remains distinct from the other in download speed.

The last time I downloaded Robo Recall (within the last few weeks), I did observe an increase in download speed after some time.  Took a while, though.

I look forward to any further developments you're able to share, and thank you again for keeping us updated.

I got exactly the same ethernet activity.  Checked the running processes for the Oculus download - I organised them alphabetically and mine showed around 20 separate Oculus processes, all running from that one download, some using memory and CPU, then dropping out when other processes started up.  Completely ridiculous. 

I think that's it, they are refusing to help and constantly bending the reality that the problem lies on their side. 

I try to reach the news, it should maybe apply some pressure. Some articles from well known VR sites can raise awareness in this problem.

I suggest you do the same, and hope that it helps.

BTW I received a PM from the support here, suggesting that I keep contact with their support line via email, but they already gave up after exhausting the usual stuff (restart my router, delete my download cache, etc.)

Welp, it's 12/8 and I'm downloading at Kb/

Same issue here in America. it's taken 2 days and it's only 1/3 rd finished and I pay for 1,000gb



Recently purchased Arizona Sunshine II - but it's not downloading.  Non of the other Quest (PC) games download either.  The others (Steam / Epic etc) are all 100% fine.  Looks like this has been on-going for a couple of days, any ideas when this will be fixed???

Never had this issue in the past, have used the oculus platform since the Rift 🙂


Same with me I can't even install the **bleep** oculus app. I uni stalled it and it's definitely a stupid meta thing. I can download all my STEAMVR games quick 🙂 take that meta. Fix your crap software. I spent too much on your headsets to have them all not work good  deff switching to valve soon and selling my meta crap


the problem has existed for years, meta just wants to save money it seems...

very bad servers @ oculus app
at windows resource monitor you can see how the download speed constantly goes up and down, 3 seconds to 70mbit, then back down to 0mbit and so on...

the app also has problems resuming downloads, i left the download of a 70gb app running overnight, the pc went into sleep mode, now the download starts again from the beginning....

very unprofessional, you feel like you're back in 1999