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Melted charger port

Level 2

I plugged my oculus in with the cable and adapter that it came with, I left it charging for about 20 minutes and when I came back the room smelled like burnt plastic, the area around the port was melted


Community Manager
Community Manager

Here at Meta Quest, we take health and safety seriously. For us to assist best, please click here to contact us and get in touch with an agent:

Level 3

I received this same copy/paste wording. My Oculus quest 2 caught fire! I have a small child and a baby!! Who knows what could have happened if I had left home.....


This seems to be an issue that Oculus has with a lot of devices. I really think that Oculus needs to address the issue publicly because it is very scary to see something on fire sitting on your table. And the customer service has been horrendous. No one has helped me whatsoever and it is absolutely not my fault. I used the cord that came with the device when I was charging it. This is my third VR headset and I really do enjoy VR. But, I'm not sure what I'm going to do now.

Hey @kittensnchicken, thanks for reaching out. For any hardware concerns, it's best to contact Support directly so you can get this in front of our specialists to investigate immediately. If you haven't already, please open a ticket via email or chat by following this link. One of our specialists will be happy to look further into this for you. 

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