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I bought Oculus Meta Quest 2, because in August 2022 it could be used without a Facebook account.


But has that possibility arrived yet, or how long do we have to wait?


I cannot even open the Meta Browser in my Headset 


Could we have an ongoing discussion, please?


Thank you




Level 3

I would also like to hear more details about the current status of the rollout of Meta accounts.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, we understand you have questions about Meta accounts, but don't worry, we've got you back. Until late August 2022, when Meta accounts are announced, you will still need to link a Facebook account. More information on Meta accounts can be found here

I no longer have and will not sign up for a Facebook account so I suppose that means I’m waiting until “late August”. I’m sure there are others here in similar situations that would like to have more frequent updates on the Meta account rollout process so thank you for providing an update and please keep them coming!

Hello there, Boogles! You are welcome; please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, and we will be happy to assist you. Just keep an eye out for that update and make sure your device is up to date. You can also follow our blog here to stay up to date on any upcoming news. Have fun gaming!

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So the update isn't out yet? Because I've seen media sources this week claiming that it is and fb accounts are no longer required. This is the opposite of my experience.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, We understand you want to create a new Meta account, and we've made some Meta account announcements. However, at the moment, Meta accounts are not available.