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Meta Avatars 2 Lipsync - PUN 2 & Photon Voice issue!

Level 3

Dear Devs,


I'm struggling with problem since a week. I use PUN 2 and Photon Voice to bring Meta Avatars 2 in a multiplayer environment. 

Below are my issues,

1. When there is no Photon Voice setup in the scene, the Meta Avatars lipsync works perfect in the Photon multiplayer room.

2. When I add the Photon Voice to the prefab and setup the scene with Photon Voice Network, only the voice is there the Meta Avatars lipsync does not work. 


I understand there is a race condition happening between these two plugins. 


Please kindly help me resolve if anyone has already resolved such problem. This thread can help other devs as well in the future.




Level 5

I've got the same problem. It seems to be that LipSyncMicInput calls Microphone.Start() which returns a new audio clip for the mic input. That makes the audio clip that Photon.Recorder uses old and it doesn't seem to update anymore. The PhotonNetwork also eventually calls Microphone.Start() which then does the same thing making the audio clip that LipSyncMicInput was using old. Let me know if you've figured a way to solve this.

Hey there! We see you are posting dev related questions. We'd love to help you.


There is a section of the community forum just for developer related questions. We found similar posts there. We have provided the link HERE for your convenience.

Level 5